Family Session - 1 hr

There’s nothing wrong with setting the timer on your phone for a group shot, then running to your place. We’ve all done it! Delegate the “picture taking” to me and do what you do best: being you.
60 minutes
1 outfit
1 location


Family Session - 2 hrs

Every family has a planner (and it might be you, lol). A photo shoot with multiple outfits and two locations is perfect for creating variety in sharing these moments with family and friends.
120 minutes
2 outfits
2 locations



What should we wear?

Dress comfortably! Feeling good in the clothes you put on will make you look more confident. Typically, collared button-down shirts can leave a “fancy” impression. Also, be sure to wear the appropriate shoes to get to the location and a jacket or sweater appropriate for the weather.

How many outfits should we prepare?

Typically you'll need one outfit per location. This can vary depending on your needs and goals.

How many photos do we get?

You are hiring me for my experience, expertise, and time. If the photo is good, it’s yours! For a one hour family photo shoot, expect to get approximately 20 digital images as jpegs.

Do you edit photos?

I like to edit photos in a way that keeps them looking as natural as I can with a little “pop” of color. I will also remove temporary markings (i.e. pimples, small blemishes, etc) that won't be there after the next two weeks. Photoshop services are not offered; no removal or addition of people, changes of body parts, teeth whitening, smoothing of wrinkles, etc. Your life “scars” are what make you who you are. Embrace yourself because it's what makes you beautiful.

What if I have a question?

Please ask! I will reply to all emails within one business day. Please understand I am intentional with my time and prioritize my family, work, and photography to balance the aspects of my life that are important to me. As we get closer to the day of your photo shoot, together we can overcome any obstacle.

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